As Online Scratch Card players and gamblers in general we all dream of hitting the jackpot and leaving our daily boring jobs. The knowledge that you are no longer required to perform the daily grind is what we all wish for.

With scratchcard and lotto jackpots reaching millions, this could happen to every one of us as the following story illustrates.

When playing scratchcards and lottery this is a real possibility. A report in the Guardian brings home this very message. Residents of Northamptonshire suffered disruptions to their weekend bus journeys due to some “missing” bus drivers. The reason for their absence has now been made clear as they are a group of 12 drivers that bought the winning collective EuroMillion ticket on Friday night. These lucky jackpot winners won over £3 million each.

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There are now 12 openings at the bus depot. Ally Spencer, one of the winners was quoted as saying, “We knew that seven of us were meant to clock in the next day to drive the buses, but we knew there was no way. I suppose there are 12 jobs going at the depot.”

Spencer ,57 declared that his days as a bus driver are behind him. He is a veteran 20 year bus driver who plans now to move out of his two bedroom flat, buy toys for his grandchildren and take a vacation in Jamaica.

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John Noakes, 49 who also won stated emphatically that he no longer intents to drive a bus .He plans on buying an Aston Martin and promised to buy his wife “whatever she wanted.”

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Charles Connor, 40 was the third winner and when asked how he plans enjoying his winnings, he said he would use it to further his education and join a golf club.

The local manager at the bus depot , John Drew said the issue of ”missing bus drivers” was being handled and also added that it was a “happy issue” to deal with.

When asked if the jackpot winners had resigned, he would not comment but expressed his delight for them, “The 12 guys in question who won, well, I’m over the moon and ecstatic for each and every one of them and wish them luck with their good fortune.”

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