For many the thrill of scratching and revealing instant cash prizes on scratch-off tickets is a thrill like no other. The chance to buy cheap and entertaining scratchies is a great way to win loads of cash as they are well known for having a high payout ratio.

Well for one pharmacy employee in Pennsylvania, the temptation proved irresistible. The only problem was that she decided to give herself a five finger discount. According to the police the woman employee used her winnings from the stolen scratch cards to treat herself to a vacation and even fix her house up. Police estimate that over a 13 month period the woman raked in over $100,000 in the winnings.

This scratch card fan Verna Barr was caught out after the pharmacy employers realized there was a large discrepancy between the money coming in from tickets and the amount being paid to the Pennsylvania Lottery. Barr managed to steal over 569 scratch tickets in a single shift!

After being confronted Barr had no choice but to admit her theft which netted her this massive sum of money in winnings. The moral of this story is that scratch tickets payout on such a regular basis that it is no need to steal in order to win. When it comes to gambling, there are few other formats that payout more frequently than that of the classic scratchies.